Byzantinus Gladiolus 
(hardy magenta heirloom Glad)
…..$8.00 per corm 
Byzantinus Gladiolus
(hardy white heirloom glad)
……$12.00 per corm 
Discovered in Texas: clone (Texas Snow Flurry)

Photo Cutesy: Linda Richardson my best friend and Plants Woman. An immensely talented propagator of of rare and unusual flowering trees plants and vines

Despite the fact that most Gladiolas are of African descent, one of the most beloved and sought after (and hard to find) Gladiola in Southern gardens (and beyond) is the Byzantinus Gladiolus. Called “Corn Flag or Jacob’s Ladder”, this is a very robust Gladiola that can be left in beds year round. Their tall sword-like leaves reach heights of 2 ½’ to 3’ tall, with the dainty magenta blossoms spiking upwards and over in a graceful curve. These beautiful flowers increase each year by the growth of cormlets at the base of the mother corms. Foliage here in Southeast Texas starts appearing above ground in late Dec.-early Jan., with blooms opening up in April.

salmoneusSalmoneus: This is a beautiful salmony-pink wildflowery type Gladiola that blooms during the summer and fall, unlike other Gladiolas. Several beautiful blooms up and down the bloom stalk. Limited supply .. $15.00 per corm
GladiolaBoone300Boone: Another of the delicate wild flowery Gladiolas. Beautiful pastel blossoms. Spring bloomer. Ship: Aug.-Oct. Limited quantities….$12.00 per corm
Gladioladanalitype300Dalenii-type Glad: (lost name tag). Beautiful salmon/orange blossoms in mid/late summer, blooming over an extended time, increases well. Ship in late spring/early summerLimited supply … $10.00 per corm

gladiolaparrot300Dalenii Gladiolus: (parrot/parrot’s beak) Planting time is in the Fall. Blooming time is in the spring. Colors are red/orange – yellow. Plants get to be close to 5′tall. They take full sun or partial shade. Some varieties produce seeds, others do not, but they all produce cormlets at the base of the mother corm, and in turn grow to blooming size in a few seasons. These corms can be left in the ground year round in the southern states. Gladiolas are available and should be shipped Aug. through Oct. …not available at this time