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Bayou City Heirloom Bulbs Red Oxbloods

Bayou City Heirloom Bulbs began as a love of flowering things. It quickly became a passion to find and nurture the old-time bulbs, corms and rhizomes  grown by our ancestors. My mission is to track down and hunt out as many of the old hard-to-find specimens and old-time flowering perennials that our forbears grew and that require a minimum amount of care and  water and share them with you.

Featured Bulbs for April:

We have never-before-offered hybrid Cymbidium Orchids, and Historic Daffodils. 

These Historic Daffodils were dug with permission from an old homestead dating back to the 1900′s. They will be available April 10th, 11th and 12th ( Thursday, Friday and Saturday.)

lent lilyPsuedonarcissus (Lent Lily
bacon and eggsNarcissus x incomparabilis(Orange Phoenix)Known in the South as “Bacon & Eggs“ 
cmpernelles Single Campernelle  

We will be offering these old Historic daffodils again at their regular planting time in September and October.

These are 3 of at least 6 colors of Cymbidium Orchids we will have available on Saturday April 26th.

duskyroseCymbidium “Dusky Rose”
Cymbidium “Sienna Sunset”
CymbidiumPlumDelightCymbidium “Plum Delight”